Developers working on digitization/Industry 4.0 project may require both Windows and Linux in their developer environment.This course will equip you with basic tips and tricks necessary to have both Linux and Windows in your developer environment.

Course Curriculum

  Tips and Tricks in Windows Subsystem for Linux
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What you'll learn out of this course:

  1. How to use Windows explorer from within WSL ?
  2. How to use Linux commands from within Windows command prompt?
  3. How to use Visual Studio Code from within WSL?
  4. How to use Git credentials stored in Windows from within WSL?
  5. How to run multiple Linux environments side by side within WSL?
  6. How to export your Linux environment and import it another PC?
  7. How to use ssh to access your Linux system remotely?
  8. How to start your Linux system at bootup?
  9. How to install a full Linux desktop OS within Windows Hyper-V environment?
  10. How to run dockers in WSL?

Who should take the course:

If you are a developer working on digitization/Industry 4.0 project and require both Windows and Linux in your developer environment, then this course is for you.

Software Requirements:

Windows 10 Pro with internet connection.

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