Learn OPC UA using a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf No-Code OPC UA Server.

Target Audience:

Equipment OEMs, Technology Vendors and End Users who need an OPC UA Server and want to learn about OPC UA and how it can be deployed without writing software.

Key Technology Used:

Beeond’s EdgeXConnect

Topics Discussed:

  • EdgeXConnect installation on Linux platform
  • EdgeXStudio installation on Linux and Windows platforms
  • Defining an OPC UA Information Model
  • Defining new Edge Devices
  • Mapping the Information Model to the Edge Device IO, registers, etc.
  • Configuring Method Calls
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Course Overview

This course is intended for engineers with no or minimal programming experience who would like to learn and use OPC UA in their product with minimal programming effort. While this course introduces you to the key concepts and features of OPC UA, it focuses more on equipping you to practically implement OPC UA services into your devices/equipment.

Rather than going behind the complex thought process behind each specification item, we have tried to strike a balance between covering as many use cases as possible on one side while simplifying the technology for OEM engineers on the other.

  1. This course includes hands-on sessions to implement your own OPC UA servers, to demonstrate and learn OPC UA features, by using EdgeX – a no-code platform for developing and deploying OPC UA servers.
  2. This course provides you a trial version to EdgeX and eliminates the need to buy a separate license during the learning process.
  3. Apart from learning OPC UA – you will also learn how you can use EdgeX to connect to other protocols and brownfield devices using protocols like Modbus, OPCUAClientAdapter, etc.

Objective of this Course

The objective of this course is to equip application developers with

  1. Deploy an OPC UA Server and browse the information model from a client
  2. Read/Write/Subscriptions
  3. Method Calls
  4. Create your first applications on top of OPC UA
  5. The Underlying System
  6. Interfacing I/O Sources
  7. Using the ModbusTCP adapter
  8. Creating a custom adapter (quick overview)
  9. OPC UA Services
  10. Browsing (nodes discovery)
  11. Read/Write
  12. Subscriptions
  13. Method Calls

What will you learn?

At the end of this course you will understand how to,

  1. Compile a custom information model into an OPC UA server
  2. Use OPC UA read, write, subscription services and access your application variables from an OPC UA client
  3. Implement custom methods in an OPC UA server and invoke them from an OPC UA client application

Required Hardware and Software

  1. One PC/laptop with Windows 10 Pro
  2. One Raspberry Pi board - Optional
  3. Trial edition of the tool can be downloaded from the course portal
  4. You should be able to use any open source or proprietary OPC UA client


EdgeXStudio and EdgeXConnect are available for Windows and Linux. EdgeXConnect can also run in ARM (Linux).

Example Curriculum

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