Course overview

This course will help IT professionals who are looking at learning and migrating to Industrial IoT technologies. Most of the projects in this space involves integration of Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT), to deliver new business value for end users. This course serves as a starting point in your journey to understand OT space, by offering a hands-on session to enable you to extract data from legacy OT devices and store them in the cloud.

Objective of this course

The objective of this course is to equip IT professionals on the following three skills

  1. Understand Operational Technology (OT) space
  2. Create interface between IT and OT space
  3. Extract data from legacy OT devices for Industry 4.0 and IIoT projects

What will you learn

At the end of this course you will understand,

  • How to create interface between IT and OT layer (as an example for OT protocols, Modbus is chosen in this course as it is a simpler and widely used protocol in industries)
  • To extract data from OT devices using legacy protocols, bring it to a standard computing platform from where you can use any of the Information Technology techniques to push the data into the cloud


You may have to buy two Raspberry Pi boards, version 3 or above to best utilise the hands-on session in this course. If the user does not have two Raspberry Pi boards, it is still fine to make use of Laptops or PCs having RS232 ports. For the Windows Laptop or PC, you can follow the description section provided in the lecture for live boot up of your device with Linux and execute the steps in hands-on section.

You can buy Raspberry Pi kits online costing $60 that includes,

  • 1 Raspberry Pi v4 board
  • HDMI to HDMI cable 
  • 18 watts Type-C power supply 
  • Pair of heat sinks
  • Micro SD Card - 32 GB

Hands-on hardware setup

Course Curriculum

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